Monday, June 22, 2015

Moments you experience after being a parent

1) Your friends will make plans to see you at home on Sundays. Never on Saturdays. And you're always just a little bit surprised because you honestly think:

2) The "why couldn't you get things done? You were home all day" remark is only said by your partner once. Never again.

3)  It is an unexplainable, weird sensation walking up and down your stairs after having just removed the baby proof gates.

4) And this's astonishing the number of times it happens to one parent alone

5) You are more interested in the parents role of your favourite teen shows like the O.C and Gossip Girl.

6) You have calculated what your age will be when:
 - your child turns 13
 - your child turns 20
 - when your youngest child moves out

and you convince yourself that you will still be young and hip.

7) You regret so much the certain muscle movements you made transferring your child from your arm to the cot; and when they wake up, you can't believe you risked it.

8) Sometimes you are stuck in the middle of the staircase because your kid cries-stops-cries-stops.

9)  Even though you 99 percent sure your child is feeling better, you avoid contact with his daycare carers and RUN.

10) You have to pee as soon as your baby wakes up.

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