Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Real Conversations.

Why do I do this?

Mother in law: You can give your son grapes now
Me: Oh, that's a great idea. 
MiL: But you will have to peel the grape, take the seeds out and give him little pieces at a time.
Me: Oh. Yeah, I'll probably just stick to other fruits...
MiL: Haaa??? But grapes have a lot of antioxidants that would be really good for Hasouni
Me: Aaugh ya but Goddd the whole peeling...and the time...
Husband: You should really keep some of your thoughts to yourself.

Ah, I really didn't want to crush her hopes and dreams but someone had to

A mom pushing her newborn in a pram around my neighbourhood:
Hi! How old you is your son?
Me: 4 months
Mom: Does he still wake you up at night?!
Me: Yeah..sorry!
Her face drops and walks away


A new mommy feeding her newborn in the mall's parents room: Hi! How old is your son?
Me: 6 months
Mom: Do you still give him milk?
Me: Do you mean breast milk or formula?
Mom: Any
Me: Yes, of course I still give him milk?
Mom: Oh, I thought they only get water after 6 months

I just don't understand 

Doctor: Since Hasan is allergic to milk, you cannot have any products that contain whole milk either.
Me: What about chocolate
Doctor: You can't have chocolate
Me: But what about dairy milk chocolate
Doctor: No, you can't have that
Me: But it's chocolate. It's not a glass of milk
Doctor: It has milk in it. You can't have chocolate
Me: What about cake?

Well, that could have gone better....

Me: I'm pregnant!!!
Friend: Omg! Congrats! Are you going to be one of those mom's that's all about her baby?
Me: Um...

Nothing better than hearing the two words: baby sitter.

Amar, Hasouni andI were walking across an intersection when a couple passed by us looking very nice, dressed up for the night. They were practically skipping, when the girl shouted to us:
I cheered her on, heart full of content.

It's just mommy politics

Friend: God, I wish people would just stop giving me advice. Like the other day, bub didn't have socks on because it was really hot. I didn't think she needed any but these people they just kept telling me to put socks on her. But, like, I know what I am doing. If I tell you that I don't think my kid needs socks, they should just drop it. You know?

Me: Yeah, it's annoying when people push their advice
Friend: ....yeah...but okay, listen. She did end up getting a cold at night. But that's not the point!

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