Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to get people to stop asking when are you going to have another baby

I have to talk to you about my foolproof response to the notorious question "when are you going to have another baby?" which sometimes is paraphrased as "when is (baby name) going to have another sibling to play with? or "Aw haram, is he/she going to have a baby brother or a baby sister to play with soon?

This question is usually asked after you have delivered the baby and you're in the maternity ward with your guests.

Andddd it's usually asked by some lady that is related to a friend of a friend of a friend.


I had 9 months to come up with the perfect response. And I got it.

Some lady: Woww Mashallah Mashallah what a beautiful baby. Ouy Hasouni is so beautiful. Inshallah his brother or sister will look just like him *Fake laugh*. When will that be ya Mariam?

Mariam: EE Inshallah soon! I hope so soon? Don't you? I just can't wait! God, I hope it doesn't take long!!

Some lady will be taken back and a bit disappointed by this as she probably anticipated the usual "oh not for a while!" response. She probably just wanted to gloat on how she had children right away and give you "advice" to feel a little bit superior.  Not that you haven't heard them before; such as:

Darling if you have all your babies right away you will still be young when they are older. (As if you don't know how to calculate this yourself). Or,

If you have all your babies young, you will still have the energy...Actually, that is good advice so I'll leave that one alone ;) But you will have many people give you this advice as if they came up with that all on their own.

When you respond back that you are trying to have another baby right away, she won't ask you again. Even the pushiest of the pushiest know that it is just bad form to repeatedly ask you when they think you are actually trying. (Doesn't matter if that's a complete lie).

Now you can adjust this response to other similar invasive questions people to tend to ask such as:

Oh, wow you guys are talking to one another..when are you getting engaged? 
Followed by: O, congratulations on your engagement? Are you getting married this year?
To probably the most annoying: "We are having such a great time at your wedding. The hall looks amazing. Love the decor. So, are you having your first baby in 9 months *hehehe- hardy- har- har*?"

As long as your response is very..positive and upbeat..people will be disappointed and will probably leave you alone. #arabclass.


  1. Lol question that continues to irritate add to any behaviour they see from my son that they frown upon is "because he has no siblings" if my son shows his confidence in us parents we better hurry up and have another we cant have him knowing we love him lol

  2. O yes! I forgot about that little analysis of attitude because of no siblings. Whatever happened to just trusting parents into creating a family that they know is best for them?

  3. My mum is Some Lady. So embarrassing, can't take her anywhere. Especially a maternity ward!

    1. hahahahaha!!! I am probably going to be some lady in the near future as well. I like to spread the joy that I received and keep some lady alive in al of us ;)