Monday, October 7, 2013

A Mom's and Dad's attempt to go on a date ALONE and Hasouni's first solids (fail)

On our 3 year anniversary, Amar got me tickets to see the Australia World Orchestra at the Opera House. It was such a lovely gesture from my husband. We weren't worried about Hasouni because we thought we can just give him a bottle of formula and leave him with our family to baby sit...

How wrong was I?..

Remember when you use to fuss because your wife took ages to get ready for a dinner night. I had to take TWO WEEKS for a 3 hour event.

Two weeks before the event, I went to  Baby's R Us and  purchased the same dairy-based formula that I use to give to Hasouni when he was just born. I gave him this formula once a day for 2 months. Ok, sue me. No, sorry I was not super mom.  No, I did not give my baby breast milk exclusively during that time BECAUSE I WAS TIRED. He was hungry (Alhamdouallah) ALLL THEEE TIMEE ANDDD he was in the 25th percentile so he had a bit of catching up to do. I fed him breast milk throughout the day and just ONCE during the night he had a bottle. Ok fine SOMETIMES maybe TWICE when I was super tired, my mom would kindly gave him a bottle for his first morning feed but that was it. It worked. I got my kid to finally be at the 50th percentile in a matter of weeks. 

Sorry I went a bit off track there. Where was I? O yes, Baby's R Us. So there I was all proud of myself for planning ahead of time. I even purchased some cups and spoons and baby rice cereal to prepare for baby's first solids. 

The plan was to reintroduce the formula that he had when he was a baby and to finally introduce solids at the same time since he was of age. 

The instructions of solids was very simple to the normal person. It said "Spoon 1 tablespoon of Farex cereal into a clean bowl. Add 2-3 tablespoons of your baby's usual milk or cooled boiled water to make a smooth consistency."

Now, this was me:

  1. What's 1 tablespoon? Is it 1 tablespoon of regular sized tablespoons that we adults use or is it the size of a tablespoon of one of those kiddy plastic ones?
  2. Can I use my measuring spoon sets or do I need to buy one exclusively for baby foods?
  3. Do I have to sterilize my measuring spoon?
  4. Do I need to sterilize his spoon?
  5. Do I need to sterilize his bowl?
  6. It says that I can't use a sterilizer for his bowl. Can I pour hot water? Will it hurt the plastic? 
  7. Bowl instruction paper said that I can use  the cold sterilization method. What the heck is that?
  8. If I use formula to add to his cereal do I need to prepare a bottle first and then pour that into the bowl?
  9. Can I just pour the formula powder straight to the cereal and mix it with water?
  10. Am I over thinking this? Should I just wait another day?

Anyway, I finally figured it all out and I mixed the cereal with cooled boiled water just for the first time. I got all excited. I prepared my camera to record Hasouni's first solids and made sure I was looking at him  as well to really capture the moment in my heart.

I ended up recording half of his upper face. The spoon and his mouth was not even in the video frame. 

The next day I went out with some of my girlfriend's and prepared two bottles of formula for Amar to give to Hasouni. I was so excited because if this worked then that meant Amar and I would be free to go on our anniversary date the week later.

Hasouni developed an allergy to formula. Apparently, babies can develop an allergy even AFTER they had the milk before. 
AND he now completely refuses to take a bottle even if it's filled with breast milk.
I just accepted defeat.

My child is allergic to formula and won't take a bottle. So, what was the solution? Keep him in the city and come out of the orchestra if he needed me. My beautiful brother and sister in law (Yasir and Shirley) were kind enough to babysit him during that time. Amar and I decided to go for a lovely dinner at Sushi-E, a beautiful sushi restaurant in the city with Hasouni before the concert to really make a day of it. We would order some of the finest sushi and appetizers and enjoy the beautiful lounge seating. We were so excited.

Traffic was so bad that we ended up dropping Hasouni with Yas And Shirley and got a quick bite at Mcdonalds.

BUT, we did manage to see the concert!

Hasouni was a good boy with Yas and Shirley but he wouldn't fall asleep unless he was in their arms. We found Hasouni sleeping on Yasir who didn't dare to move because he was scared to wake him up. Poor guy was holding him for a long time. 

Hasouni woke me up several times that night.

The End.

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