Friday, September 20, 2013

First few months of having a baby

Sheno?? Mimi a mother?? Little Mariam? I don't believe it.

Yep. That was practically every single person's reaction to me being a mom. At first it was touching as it shows how long people have known me but then it just started to become..well kind of insulting actually. 5 months later and it's still the same reaction. Not, "o ya, of course! She's been married for almost 3 years now..." or "well Mariam is a woman now..over 25" Nope. Come to think of it.. I don't think anyone has said these last two sentences. Ah well, what are you gonna do.

God bless my kid, I love him. It definitely has that good feeling but man it can be tough. And just when I thought my kid was sleeping through the night, NOPE. He started to wake me up every few hours now. The really frustrating part is in the morning when he wakes up and I feed him, change his diaper, moisturize him (dermeze is AMAZING for kids with eczema) -blah blah blah - I become completely awake but then he falls asleep after 1 hour. He does this EVERY morning. I just don't get why he won't just push his sleep for 2 more hours, wake up and start the day. It would be a win-win situation for the both of us.

But at least my baby knows how to put himself to sleep without my help. OOO ye.

But then he wakes up half an hour later

(No, that's not my baby).

So what are 10 things I learned about the first few months of having a baby?

  1. Poo comes in all different colours. Thankfully none are from the hues of a rainbow. Well, maybe the green. And maybe the red. Apparently, some babies may have blood in their stools. If this happens, consult your GP. 
  2. Heat up your sandwich only after your baby has been sleeping for at least 10 minutes. You will have a better chance to completing it without interruption.
  3. Do.Not.Google.Anything. Just ask your GP.
  4. Do.Not.Ask.Everyone.For.Their.Opinion. You will never get a straight answer. Just ask your GP. 
  5. You can exercise after 6 weeks of having a baby not 6 months.
  6. Don't waste your money on buying many newborn clothes. Just buy a few as babies quickly grow out of them. Remember they are sizes by mere months not years.
  7. Dummy's aka pacifiers only give you a few seconds of that amazing bliss. The - oh my God, yes, it is finally silent, I can finally sleep..I can finally just shut my eye---and your baby will end up dropping it and screaming for it again. So, with a couple of tries, I decided to not bother with them. No point in getting my baby use to something and go through the hasstle of wrestling it out of him when he's older when it only gives me a few seconds of quietness. Yes, I am quite aware that I called my baby "it" here but trust me, with the constant crying, you will hear yourself saying "whyy won't it stop??? What's wrong with it??"
  8. There is no point in buying a book to read in the first few months. Don't kid yourself.
  9. Mother's are not the only ones to roll their eyes on all the different advices they get from people. Doctor's do as well. I tried to get the general consensus on whether or not to use hydrocortisone on my baby to help with his inflamed eczema and I still don't have it. 
  10.  This brings me to my most important note. Take your time to find a GP/pediatrician that you can trust and is best in his/her field. I went to a GP on a weekend who literally had to lean his left ear forward so that he can hear me better. It didn't help that he had a confused look about him when I asked him a question. I took his advice but then went back to my original GP for her opinion. You are going to have a lot of questions with open ended answers. Hopefully these questions won't be too serious and you can depend on your doctor whose done his  or her research to ease your mind. 

I  hope you liked my first entry!


  1. Amazing! What a great, fun read. Keep them coming Mariam!

  2. miss you memo we all are so happy of what a great mother you have become habiti you are honestly such an inspritation i still remeber how you practically raised me as my older sister love you
    - Sura A.

    1. Wow Sura, habibty. So good to hear from you. Thank you so much for that sweet comment. You have always been so kind. I heard you have now grown to be a beautiful lady. Mashallah :) I love you too habibty.

  3. Love your blog :) can totally relate!!